We had another fun episode of Top Gear this week! If you remember, last week's show was a little ridiculous and not necessarily based on the realm of reality. The team chose production cars to make into a reinvented ambulance. This week's show, on the other hand, was definitely one of the more grounded and informative episodes in recent memory.

The REVdata team is known for having differing opinions on cars. What we love is different. What we hate is different. And then, on occasion, we luck across something that we all agree on. Looking back at the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG of years past, our view points differed. While one of the team members here (*cough* John *cough*) considers its styling to be a little too outrageous, the Benz team has moved onto the AMG GT, or what John described as "styled to sell". This is something we are seeing across the industry now, where high ends carmakers are moving away from the outrageous, much like Lamborghini did with the Huracan. Now, the AMG GT might not look as fancy as its older brother, but you'll be surprised to know that the car performed almost as fast as the Bugatti Veyron on the Top Gear track! It even beat the Nissan GT-R!

Next up was a comparison between the BMW i8 and the BMW M3. Now, they started talking about which one they would drive home in. This is an absurd comparison. These cars are nothing alike. One is a two door, one is four. One is futuristic looking, one is not. One runs on gas, one is a hybrid. If you are in the market for one, the other would not be a consideration at all. We liked the description of the smartphone app that can be used to unlock the i8. Our developer noted, "I often laugh at ridiculous 'hacking' scenes in movies and TV shows. There used to be a show on TNT called Leverage where all sorts of impossible things happened, including scenes where one of the main characters hacked into a car to unlock it with his smartphone. Props to BMW for making the impossible possble. It is now theoretically possible to have your car unlocked by a hacker." One thing they didn't mention is how hard the i8 is to get in and out of. Now it might come as a surprise, but this shot of Clarkson kind of says it all: 

Now switching from the wild world of speedsters, they were able to create some genuine tension as they drove a winched up Land Rover Defender up the side of a dam. Richard Hammond was, lets say, less than comfortable with the situation.


Overall, we enjoyed this episode getting back to its roots. Always fun. Always entertaining. Until next week!

There were also other cars mentioned in the news of the episode: