Last night was an event to change the auto industry forever. Tesla unveild the Model 3. The $35,000 everyman's electric car (ok, not quite everyman, but getting a lot closer). This is the car that will either make Tesla a real auto manufacturer with real volume, or it will completely obliterate the company as they try to make it. And people are interested. As of writing this article only 14 hours after unveiling Elon Musk is reporting 198,000 reservations placed and that includes a $1,000 deposit.

The little sibling to the Model S is no slouch. Musk promised a 0-60mph time for the base model to be below 6 seconds with performance variants much quicker. As for range, we are told the minimum will be 215 miles on a full charge and then up from there. What about safety? Tesla is claiming that the Model 3 will achieve a full five stars in every crash test catagory (although actually testing is probably a ways off). But Tesla's bag of tricks don't stop there...

Every Tesla has some new, shiny widget to make you stop and stare. The Model S had the trick door handles that later were totally forgotten for the crazy dual-motor ludacris mode (0-60mph in 2.8!). The Model X has the awesome yet almost gimmicky falcon doors. The Model 3 has a giant glass rear window. How giant you might ask? It starts at the B columns (around the drivers head) and goes all the way down the back. I can't Tesla Model 3 Sky Shothelp but wonder what that costs to make, but it has another side affect from just looking gorgeous. It provides a ton of head room. The general concesses from the many journalists taken for a spin last night is that with only a sheet of glass between you and the outside, there is a ton of headroom.

But, that's not all! One of the radest parts of the package presented is Tesla's semi-autonomous driving ability. Musk made a large point that this is standard in all versions of the Model 3 and not dependant on more expensive trims. This point, while not as sexy per say as a 0-60mph time, is huge. Tesla has been known to advance their tech in this area and then retroactively add it as a software update to their vehicles already on the road. This right here is truly going to make the car of the future.