I happened across an article that was titles "BMWs Know Exactly When That Red Light Is Going To Change", which I thought was a very interesting concept. This isn't necessarily something that screams "I NEED THIS", but when I read about it I did think to myself "huh, that is kinda cool."

So imagine sitting at a red light, and not needing to stare mindlessly at the light, impatiently waiting for it to turn green. Then, what happens when you get distracted? Maybe the young kid next to you is scream-singing the latest catchy-yet-absolutely-annoying Taylor Swift song, then what happens? HOOOOOONNNNKKKKKK! You missed the light change the the 4 cars behind you lay on their horn to get you moving. 

Well, with this new feature, scream-sign to anything you want, it will warn you when the light is about to turn green, now more annoying honks. 

I dug a little deeper in this article tonight and found the link to a smartphone app called enLighten Now this is basically the same thing as what BMW has. So this free app attempts to connect to your cities manicupality's grid and, as it determines you have stopped, syncs with the lights and will do the same thing as the BMQ. It will warn you when the light is about to turn green. 

Now, the reviews on this thing aren't exactly the highest I've ever seen out of the app store, but it is an interesting idea that I am looking forward to testing out. 

So what do you think? Is this something you would be interested in? If so, download the app and let us know what your experience is on Facebook and whether or not you would recommend it to someone!